Apie einstein op z’n Anglo Mondiaals. Spannend hoor. Hoe ziet één van de mogelijke toekomsten eruit? Als schrijver, mens, man, (groot)vader zie ik het graag een beetje in apie einsteins richting gaan. Apie einstein stelt dat wij problemen maken omdat wij ons duaal gedragen, terwijl we dat helemaal niet zijn.

Gewoon nooit meer doen. Nu. Niet morgen. Niet gisteren. Nu. Kan elke wereldburger ervaren. Bewust. Is misschien cursusje voor nodig? Wereldinburgeringscursusje? Holisme versie 10.0? Komtie:

A little (fundamental) change to the benefit of all?

Tension in people themselves is exported into all daily life. Tension from the outside influences peoples inner worlds and behaviour. Peace cannot be found. Peace must be (re)created alle the time. Otherwise it stirrs or stops.

It never is the system. People stagnate when there are inadequate or no options for development. Truth, love and clarity then easily can degenerate to dependancy, fear or hate. Transforming, the other way around, may be of more interest to humankind.

Creating a peacefull life is, or can become, a pro active, conscious proces. Every day, yes every hour and even split seconds of our lives. This asks for a lively, awakended mind and an open heart. The mind may be fully awakened, yet when the body, the heart included is not, there will remain a tendency to fall back into less responsible ways of thinking and living. Diseases can be expected then.

Thus, sustainable peace and well being can only be created by the people themselves. This is true leadership. Body healthy. Mind clear. Grown ups who have (re)claimed their full responsability for sustainable peace and well being in their own daily life. People who are aware of the consequences of their way of thinking in relationship to their own behaviour.

No one excluded. We, the people are the ones that are really in charge. Just like mister Obama pointed out when he said good bye and adressed the people. We can do it. And as a matter of fact, we are doing it now.

Sustainable well being in real life? A fully opened heart can only heal. The love and compassion that is worth living for. Life itself, clarity, tranparancy and a wise use of economics, politics, science in general, religion and technology included. All available to serve us. We the people. They should be brought into the position to be abel to be proud of that. We should be put into the position to be abel to be proud of that. Proud to live life on a very tiny, as such mostly friendly little teeny weeny, very sensitive and non dual little place called earth.

Think at least a little broader people. There is and can allways just be one reality. One truth. Differences in opinion are not. Don ‘t talk ridles about reality. Experience reality. Behave. Feel and think like apie einstein for an instance. One non dual experience. Five seconds could do it.

Just ask or pray for more if you like. Especially when you, for instance, start negotiations on very important matters. Behave. Be one. Experience true facts. Look. Hear. Feel. See. Know. Create. Make wise decisions based on shared values. Define these values. Values that are solemnly, unilaterally supportive to sustainable well being for the people.

The concept of economical growth, as a necessary condition for ……. for what? The economy itself? Make me laugh again. What ‘s next? Any more dual ways of thinking and creating? Let it go. There is a better way.

Give peace a serious chance please. Grown ups that in general focus on experiencing thoughts in stead of matter, can not and will not be able to experience the heart of de matter. The heart of the matter is energy. All energy is curved and sustainable. Any sustainable action thrives on this energy. If and when not, we generate problems. The problems we face again in daily life and then label as normal. Problems are not normal. Problems are an anomality. Behave.

In the beginning and in the end it is just a matter of choice. Do we want to experience objective matter or stay in subjective reality? Sustainable well beinging included perhaps? Or do we stick to human behaviour that is ruled bij thoughts? This seeming never ending dual story. A European and worldly species that fears and hates and does not trust itself? No responsible grown up wants to act that way. Behave. We should think.

The concept of compromise in my opinion and experience can easily be dealt with. As long as we all are able to adjust/adapt to a slightly higher level of consciousness then in the old, bad, dual days, compromises are out of order. The concept of win win is straigtforward, sensible, sustainable and can be put to practice in ordinary daily life.

Just leave behind every last particle of division in your own perception of love and the seeming contrary which is fear. Not just on one day a week, but before and after each conference. Each and every interaction is, in a way a meeting. A chance to (co)create.

In helps if and when you start experiencing your whole body 24hpd. Your whole body please. Instead of the noise just one part of a part of some organs produces: talk talk talk talk. Inside out. Outside in. No structure. No high energy. No common agreed on clarity.

Talk less. Listen well. No more disappointments. No compromises needed. Conscious mind. With brains and lungs and toes and eyes and ears and so much more. Complete little universe. Get to know yourself. Know the other(s). Behave.

And experience that in de midst of it we all are equal and free. Fast and extremely accurate information goes with it. Sometimes one little thought can seemingly create a miracle. Grown up people who know their energy. People who, in general, can very well take care of their energy. Their health. Their responsabilities. If and when provided with the right support from people orientated leaders and governments. Education adapted to the real needs of people. Not the other way around. Naturally

A more happy and healthy society? Sit or stand silent for a moment and really look around. What/who do you see you love? Express your love. No medicine needed. It is free. We, apies einsteins, like to see healthy, happy people around us. Peacefull people. Have a great, very peacefull time. No doubts. Wish you clarity on al your personal and business matters. We wish you well. Kind regards, apie einstein, allways here, allways there, and allways now in just the same moment as you do your own creation. Mostly called ‘your life’. Kunstig kunstukje. As the Dutch say