If felt the saddest anger and pain

I felt the upmost joy forever

And still it seemed a mission bloody impossible
to stay in tune
without true freedom in and for all,
an expression of the rite of birth
expression of the right to be born
expression of the free act of carnation

Soul freedom
The only freedom worth wile to life
I bow my head
Uplifting my stupidity
The inbalance in all that is not free
The unbalance which is the highest responsibility
to be healed,
experience the connection
The natural connection in all
Beyond all usefull sciences, belief systems and religions
Practical clarity
The third millennium of conscious mind
Duurzaamheid is in de mens zelf
Duurzaamheid kan vanuit de mens zelf komen
Duurzaamheid mag vanuit de mens zelf komen
Duurzaamheid wil van uit de mens zelf komen
Duurzaamheid zal vanuit de mens zelf komen?

Is er werkelijk een andere mogelijkheid?

In Balance
In tune
It ‘s so easy …………..